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Freitag, 28-11-14 15:51
jonese dwin from vic



Freitag, 28-11-14 12:29
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Freitag, 28-11-14 11:21
forward to this Bryan said kid now three months ago he stepped on the scale for nearly six pounds last time that we spoke says want to lose 90 pounds cell today so dude says 396 pounds or less you yet I am yeah Wow after fees to disaster and only .
Leigh Justen Leigh Justen from NY



Freitag, 28-11-14 11:15
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haafz nanes from New York



Freitag, 28-11-14 11:02
whether you realize it or not I'm actually a very forgiving person you know do not forgive you for not picking me up from work two weeks ago no you haven't the white shadow be to get you might define let me know the at a dinner time this house is always is graze in 24 hours a day Co 3 then K hi my few my Mar the you to see it PDT not bigger I'm computer he ever heard do hey how's the drive will we will not hurt in a cramped up the kernel should check them they already a Mar can't wait anymore you guys are going to build a new all now no not at all homered off in the kitchen catch up okay that's a good idea my mom just out there and clear the table well borrowing while I just sit here rest their bones from scale tables clear do my Duck de five card draw produces while idea not little bit better sucked on but enough about Jackie was play poker said and now I’m Gary Watkins must note coming up fans you to make a speech let me ask me to make a speech isn't the only one whose uniform still fits yeah and better never to money as remember how do you stop the stuff but without him absence of America Perry.

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